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Designing POS and POP tools is a complex process. To get started, it is recommended to determine a set of basic data. We can save valuable time and energy by creating a clear picture of our options and by ruling out all the alternatives that are not viable in the given case. Design assistance

Since in most cases we want to have tools that not only store our products, but also communicate their message to the customers, it is recommended that we determine this message in advance.

The POS or POP tool to be designed has to support this “positioning message”. If there is a contradiction between the message and the layout of the display, that is the layout of the message and the displays are not in harmony with one another, this will make customers perplexed, since rational and unconscious, emotional processes both play a role in the decision process.

This is why it is crucial to have a “positioning message” before we start designing our POS or POP tool, which will, then, determine the possible range of shapes and materials to be used. Please use our design assistance which we compiled in order to make your contribution easier and which you can download here. Design assistance

Using the parameters that you provided, our design software guarantees that the design and the finished product will look the same. This requires design engineering which will be carried out by our excellent engineers.

If a task is commissioned, the design costs will be compensated for by the production costs



All POS or POP tools and communications are carefully designed, so that the design and the finished product will look the same.

At this stage, changes and alterations can easily be made.

The finished product will, of course, give you a much more realistic impression of how your displays will actually look like in terms of size and other qualities. Therefore, if you are satisfied with our design, we will first manufacture a sample, for which you will only have to play, if your order is a small-scale one (actual amounts depend on the particular POS or POP tool).

As soon as you approve the sample, quantity production begins.

After the production, we can also take care of delivering the tools to a storehouse or to another location.


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